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Please Let Me Live.wmv, Please Let Me Live.mp3 and
the accompanying Please Let Me Live.pps as well as the Chinese version 请让我活下去 are available for free download.
Please invite your family, friends, as well as anyone you know who might be considering an abortion, to visit this webpage.
Send this link to everyone you know!
You might just save a life!

Click on Please Let Me Live.wmv and mp3 to stream
The pps file must have office powerpoint or powerpoint viewer to view.
Just right click on any file and choose Save Target As to save to your computer.





Please Let Me Live was written by James R Moffett and originally copyrighted in 1992 with the Soundtrack copyrighted in 2009!
All rights are reserved by James R Moffett and The World for Christ.

This song is not a condemnation of anyone who has already had an abortion, but rather an affirmation of Life.
If you have considered having an abortion, we hope that something in this song helps you change your heart and your mind.
If you have already had an abortion, we want you to know that Jesus is more than able to forgive you and take away the pain that abortion has created in your life.

Please give your heart to Him… He Truly loves you!

Visitors to this website have permission to download this song and share it with your friends for free.
If you would like to use this song at a Christian or anti-abortion function you must first receive permission from James R Moffett or the admin of this website.